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Welcome to Just Ride; A way point on the WWW trails to discover the latest mountain biking news, reviews and discover your next new bike and accessories.

Catching The Bug

. . . and this has been a bug I caught almost 30 years ago and one I have never tried to cure. Mountain bike life started out for me on a VERY heavy Huffy bike. Every ride was a heavy-lifting workout and when the bike came down on top of me, it hurt. Thankfully, not long after I got started (living in Germany at the time) I discovered Specialized and a Rockhopper Comp; Trail life changed that day, even with zero suspension, although converting to front shocks wasn’t a long time coming. . . luxury.

Since those early days, I honestly have no idea how many miles / K.M. I’ve covered. How much I’ve spent on bikes, parts and accessories, haven’t a clue. But the important thing is that I’ve enjoyed every ride and tried every discipline; ultimately settling with Cross-Country because of the need for a broad variety of skills and the stunning places I often come across. That said, I support all MB disciplines and wouldn’t dream of dropping a negative comment because of the bike somebody rides – Just Ride!

Helping The Mountain Bike Community

With such a broad range of available budgets and the wealth of bikes and accessories available deciding what you want and what best fits your budget and needs can be overwhelming. It certainly was for me in the early days and had I had the right information I may well have saved a fortune in unnecessary spends (and injuries). Today, I do save, thanks to the wealth of experience I’ve collected over the years.

If you have the ride and set-up that suits you without too much trial and error, the trails call more than maintenance demands

JUST A DREAM TRAIL from Slavik Petr on Vimeo.

THE GOAL OF “Just Ride”

. . . Is to do just that with minimal self and bike maintenance.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Steve Costello

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Just Ride

  1. Hi. Thanks for the read. I come from the inner city of Philadelphia and we don’t have to many paths and trails that we can ride on. As a youth I’ve rode plenty of mountain bike but that was only because I viewed it as just another bike to ride. I seen some of the trails the people ride on TV but never knew how serious mountain biking was. Are mountain bikes just for riding as a personal hobby or are there paid competition for them. If so where are the located and how much is a single competition win worth? Is there enough money if you win to make mountain biking a lifestyle to support a person bills?

    1. Hi Dallas, Thanks for your comments & questions. MTB is a huge sport worldwide and has Olympic events too. The majority of riders do so for personal hobbies to keep fit and have fun but there are many events for those who like to compete at pro or amateur levels. You can see some pro riders here and you will find more by visiting mountain bike .coms like Specialized, Cube . . .and searching for their team riders. Here’s another link to races in north America for beginner racers I hope this helps and always message if you need more. Steve C

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