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This is the very first in a series of MTB Trail Reviews so, not actually a particular evaluation, a more basic intro to what’s out there as far as significant tracks are worried and how such routes can add to some exceptional flights and the advancement of paths created by you.

For the function of this evaluation, I will concentrate on my city and one that I understand exceptionally well. I live a brief range north of the French Pyrenees in a backwoods surrounded by vineyards, little towns and mountains reaching over 1800 meters (5905 feet).

It’s what I call a “Ride Rich” location and without doubt there is something for all levels. When you are familiar with the location there is no requirement to ride the exact same path over and over if you’re pleased to go off the significant routes.

Following The Trails

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All the main routes in France are significant comparable to ski pistes. Apart from VTT which suggests Velo Tout Terrain (All Terrain Bike), there is no requirement to comprehend French so these tracks are ideal for worldwide riders too and are method significant on little plastic indications which are primarily simple to area. Periodically they fade in the sun or are harmed by wind so it’s worth downloading or getting a totally free path map from a regional traveler details workplace.

Be careful of the color coding. As I stated, it’s comparable to ski pistes however sometimes you will stumble upon a red path that’s simple or a blue path that will check the most knowledgeable and in shape riders. My other half and I followed blue path 23 on the map just recently and there was no chance it was totally blue. We began at 1000 m and rapidly dropped to 890, no huge offer there and the surroundings was impressive up until we fulfilled a mountain and the path climbed up through a rock scattered forest approximately a little over 1200 meters.

GREEN— Very Easy

BLUE— Easy

RED— Difficult

BLACK— Very Difficult

Indications & & Waymarks

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How Far Can You Ride?

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In The Pyrenees location alone there is over 890 KM of significant routes for mountain bicycle riders. When it comes to the rest of France, I have no concept however nearly every area has something to use although there are a couple of exceptions. I found among those just recently in the Aveyron area however it didn’t take long to develop a couple of paths of our own thanks to the abundance of countryside.

Where Are You?

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Material from other riders is constantly welcome here. Please call me by means of the remarks area if you want to share something about your location.

Trip Hard, Ride Fair, Nobody Hurt

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