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While you have actually read around about mountain cycling it’s most likely that you will have encountered some MTB speak. Likewise, especially if you’ve been talking with a “Bikeoholic”.

BIKEOHOLIC:An individual addicted to mountain cycling or other kinds of biking. They have little or no control over how frequently they believe or speak about riding their bike( s) and frequently, they speak an odd language.

O’Holic: You truly are going to require a bike that’s more than a BSO. I indicate that a person’s most likely okay for JRA, however it will not take a lot of punches prior to it breaks on something like that armor down there or among the child heads lower down the path. Simply make certain you bail if you must; ideally prior to you Biff or Endo. Your armor can just do so much. So, do not Bomb it.

Novice: Can you provide me that once again in English? I got lost at BSO.

O’Holic: Bike Shaped Object. That’s a recommendation to your bike, absolutely nothing individual. It’s simply that it’s developed for Just Riding Around and it may break on that Armor down there.

Novice: But I can’t see any armor on the trial aside from my elbow and knee pads and I’m using them.

O’Holic: Look at how that area down there has actually been developed with old roof tiles and bricks to avoid disintegration. That’s armor too and if you crash on it, it’s going to injure. Biff, get it? It may likewise wind up with you doing an Endo, aka flying over the bars when you struck those infant heads simply after the armor. Look, infant head sized pebbles down there.

Rookie:So, if I bomb it, it might So, if I bomb it, it could end severely?

O’Holic: It may mate however do not stress cause once we’ve cleared those, we’re going to follow an old Bandit Trail. Well, it was an outlaw path till the landowner began riding and permitted us open door to her land. Generally I do not do Bandit Trails, it’s unfair on the owners and it offers us a bad name. The outlaw path is cool, however the tree gates are close together in some locations and you require to beware. Bark tattoos may look cool for a couple of weeks, however they harm so best prevented.

Complicated, ideal?

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In a current post, that you can see here, I provided some technical meanings to assist brand-new riders get to grips with the words coming out of their regional bike mechanics mouths. Here are a couple of more of the most frequently-used words and expressions you may check out or hear while out on the path or at your regional bike park.

Keep in mind that your own area might have somewhat various words for the exact same things. If that’s so, send out geographical details and the word in the remarks area listed below and I will include it in with complete credits and a link back to you.

BERM:A banked corner formed out of natural earth that can be ridden much quicker and more efficiently than a flat corner. They take a little additional ability to browse properly and effectively. Berms are a typical path function and are likewise discovered in wood variations at bike parks.

BOOTER:Can describe either a substantial dive or a purpose-built structure developed to leap you approximately a greater section of the path.

BONK:Running out of energy so unexpectedly that you can’t go on. Signs of bonking consist of bad balance, even worse line option than typical, and a failure to bear in mind your own given name.

BUNNY HOP:A strategy to contribute to your abilities collection so that you can clear technical functions such as rocks or logs without stopping.

BURP:Burping just occurs with a tubeless tire setup, not with tires running tubes. A tire can burp air when the lateral force used to the wheel misshapes the tire and briefly unseats the tire’s bead, enabling much of the air to leakage out at one time. This abrupt leak normally develops a burping noise and can end in a crash since of the abrupt, significant loss of tire pressure.

CLEAN:To ride through an area of path without crashing, stopping, or taking your feet off the pedals.

CYCOLOGIST:A bike mechanic or biking pal who understands whatever about fixing or establishing bikes. A professional who can assist you with your bike.

CYCOLOPATH:An individual who takes pleasure in or gets satisfaction from cycling-induced discomfort and suffering.

CALLED:Refers to when your bike is established so well that it feels ideal below you as you ride. Can likewise describe riding an area of path strongly and with such best circulation that your riding pals comment that your riding is “called today”.

THREAT NOODLE:A snake, usually poisonous.

ANXIETY:What you feel when all the routes in your location are closed or not rideable due to extreme weather condition.

DITCH:A ditch. Can likewise describe bailing from your bike to prevent substantial injury.

DOPE:Incredibly excellent or amazing.

DOUBLETRACK:Two routes that run parallel to one another. Generally, these are tractor, 4 × 4 tracks or fire roadways. Doubletrack tracks permit riders to ride side-by-side so long as they keep eyes open for approaching MTBers, hikers, and so on.

ENDO:See likewise OTB

GASSED:Exhausted. Totally physically broken. Out of gas. Out of energy.

GRUNT:An exceptionally tough climb that needs using a bike’s simplest equipment.

HUCK:Riding a big dive or drop, or otherwise questionable path function, without understanding what’s on the opposite and with no idea for possible effects.

JRA:Just Riding Around.

DIVE:A technical path function in which both wheels of the bike lose contact with the ground at the exact same time. Dives can be small or substantial, or every size in between.


OVER-COOK:To bring excessive speed into a challenge or a turn.

PINNED:To ride incredibly quick.

RACING STRIPE:See likewise Rooster Tail

RAD:An abbreviation of the word “radical.” If something is rad it is far better than something that is merely cool or amazing.

RAIL:Riding a corner so rapidly it’s as if you are “on rails”.

ROCK GARDEN:An area of path covered with rocks.

ROCK ROLL:A big stone or rock deal with that can be efficiently come down without either wheel losing contact with the ground.

ROLLER COASTER:An area of path that includes numerous brief ups and downs, comparable to a pump track, where the rider seems like they’re riding a roller rollercoaster. Roller rollercoasters might likewise be manufactured areas of swelling boardwalk.

ROOST:To shred a turn in such a method you kick up a great deal of dust and dirt with your back wheel. This is normally achieved by riding sideways into a berm or banked turn at speed. Some MTBers likewise describe the dirt kicked up itself as roost. “You roosted that corner.”

ROOSTER TAIL:When water flies off your back tire while riding a damp surface area.

SCRUB:Staying low and quick over a dive. Can likewise describe making micro changes to your speed. “I ought to have scrubbed more speed prior to that turn. I most likely would not have over-cooked it.”

SHRED:To ride a path at an especially expert level, or to ride a path extremely quickly. Likewise, to go trip and have a good time.

SHRALP:Shredding the path at an entire ‘nuther level. It’s a cross in between shredding the path and ripping it.


SKETCHY:May describe an area of path that was especially hard. For example, when a path is really dry, corners that are generally simple might be more difficult to browse than normal, and hence called “questionable” by a rider. Sketchy might likewise describe a manufactured function that is weak, old, or otherwise feels or looks hazardous.

TTF:Technical Trail Feature.

GARAGE SALE/ Car Boot Sale:When a rider crashes and all their set; water bottles, nutrition, knapsack, seat bag, and so on, goes all over. It’s as if you set all your things on display screen for a sale.

ZONE:When the circulation is so excellent, your riding is ideal, you remain in The Zone.

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