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One of my preferred things on a mtb is entering into a corner at speed and flying out the opposite even much faster. It’s a wonderful adrenaline rush that sets me up completely for what’s following. Like any other mountain bicycle ability, it comes at a cost however, it’s not pricey. Knowing Mountain Bike Cornering Technique securely and successfully simply takes a little research study and some practice.Rewind to early days on my bike. I will always remember the corner that made me understand I required to get my cornering strategy figured out.

It was an ice-cold winter seasons’ day with a cleaning of snow on the path and a great deal of irregular ice. Approaching a “T-junction” in a forest, I required to go right, and I was stagnating gradually. Whatever felt fantastic, I remained in the zone. I navigated the corner, however my bike went directly on, albeit on its side.

Bike and I parted business near the peak of the corner, I arrived at my ideal side and took a trip about 20 feet on the ice. Hip and thigh got some lovely ice and grit tattoos that were an unpleasant pointer for numerous weeks later on.

Some months later on, I took off into a challenging 180 ° 30-foot bend with bushes on the inner part of the corner and brambles on the external; my left. I was so hectic preventing face slaps from the bushes that I crashed into the brambles and brought out red plan all over my limbs.

In retrospection these crashes were amusing however something I required to stop duplicating. The last thing I desired was to break me or the bike. As I stated, I required to get my cornering method right. I believed I was doing rather well till I ended up being an active ingredient because bramble pie.

How To?

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Elements to think about when entering into a corner:

  • Can you check out the path into and out of the corner?
  • Are you covering your brakes?
  • Do you require to change your speed?
  • Is your body in the proper position?

Path Reading

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If you’re riding in the appropriate position you must constantly have the ability to see the path ahead of you. Obviously, there are a couple of exceptions to this such as trees obstructing your view, even particles on the path concealing wheel sized holes concealed below leaves waiting to provide a rib bruising endo.

Covering The Brakes

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I ride with the very first finger of each hand resting on the brake levers. You may require to change where your levers lie on the bars to handle this, it’s an easy modification far from completions of the bars and well beneficial. Take a look at the man with the blue gloves in the image to see what I imply. And, since of his clever setup, he’s not going to squash any fingers if he pulls hard on the brakes.


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Speed is cool, ideal? Well, I believe so, as do numerous MTBers. There are times though when you require to inspect your speed en route into a corner.

Body Position

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Stiff and stiff will not assist however, there’s a bit more to it than that.

The Detail

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Let’s take a look at how to deal with turns and remain in control, even when you’re cornering at speed.

You might have seen or been recommended to drop your outdoors foot when cornering. This isn’t bad suggestions and it is terrific as a self-confidence booster for novices. My individual objective is never ever to take my feet off the pedals through corners since doing so removes the impact I may have had more than the weight I’m putting onto the tire contact spots and I’m quiting a great deal of control to the impulses of the path. I desire traction and the very best method to attain that is to manage my speed.

Too sluggish is just that however, too quick and you move off the corner and wind up in the brambles or even worse.

What Does Dropping The Outer Foot Do?

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It reduces your center of mass, uses stability and, you are less gently to plant your pedals on the ground. It likewise allows you to lean the bike at a more intense angle and assists you deal with the proper way for the exit.

I never ever choose to drop a foot since of the issues that can develop. Foot down indicates the leg is directly, and your body will be stiff through the turn. Not generally an issue at low speeds and smooth surface however at faster speeds, on rough tracks, loss of control prevails due to the fact that adjusting to altering grip levels ends up being difficult.

Foot Position

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Your feet need to be leveled with the surface area you’re cornering. On a well-supported turn like a berm (a corner that is banked up with earth or wood as displayed in the image), your bike needs to be perpendicular to the path and your feet level on the cranks.

On a flat turn, your bike leans to the inner side of the turn and you must drop your outdoors foot, so your pedals are parallel with the ground. The higher the lean, or the more off-camber the turn, then the more you drop the external foot.

Permit Flexibility

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Keeping your body versatile, knees and elbows bent, allows you to go with the circulation of the path. Do not lock out those body parts. Attempt entering into an easy corner with a stiff body and see how tough it can be to keep traction and control.

A versatile body likewise implies you will have the ability to have fun with the quantity of grip you have by withdrawing if grip fades.

In Line with The Front of Your Bike

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As your bars kip down the instructions of the corner, keep your elbows out and your head and shoulders associated the front of your bike. Your head needs to be above the stem.

If you drop your foot anticipating a loss of traction, your outdoors knee (still somewhat bent) needs to be brushing your leading tube, getting this right, lines your hips up with the instructions you require. If you do not use knee defense, you may get a couple of knee swellings here however a minimum of you will understand that you’re getting it right.

Control = Speed

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If you remain in control through the turn, you ought to have the ability to leave at speed however if you’re riding at your limitation, you might require to relieve up to care for traction instead of take off out of the corner.


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Line up your hips with the exit of the corner. Your outdoors knee begins tapping on the leading tube. If you lose traction, you’ll be dealing with the instructions you require and, control recuperates quickly. Take a look at the person with the blue gloves once again in the very first image.


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View a couple of videos, the men at GMBN have actually produced some outstanding work that assists however many of all, go out there and practice. There’s absolutely nothing so sweet as nailing a tough corner and flying out the opposite.

If you like to check out, there are a lot of excellent books out there. The one at the bottom of this post, I extremely advise.

Please keep in mind that I might get a little commission if you choose to purchase.

Remarks and Questions

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Please do not think twice to leave them listed below. You will constantly get a reaction.

Keep in mind

Simply Ride Hard,

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Ride Fair,

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Nobody Hurt

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