Mountain Bike Riding Techniques

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Get your body position right, adjust with the path and Just Ride

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A great deal of things can take place if you do not embrace the best body position when you’re out on the tracks. Foremost you may get injured and harm your bike. However if you put in the time to practice some standard abilities and understand when to execute them, you will attain a quicker, smoother trip, even when the going gets difficult.

On challenging and difficult surface, if you have bad positioning, you will have bad control and the bike can appear to handle a mind of its own, begin bouncing around the path and you discover yourself combating a losing fight with challenges and gravity. A favorable body position puts you in control, you remain well balanced, unwinded and delight in the flight.

Embracing great body position and keeping your head and upper body correctly placed will allow you to roll over the path in control and you get to select your flight line instead of the surface and gravity doing it for you.

This post is focused on newbies however I need to state that badly placed riders who have actually been riding for rather a long time are out there. Getting the fundamentals right will make a distinction and a better trip.

Standard (attack) Position– Ready for Action

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This is the main ability you require to establish from the start. Get this right and generating the other mountain bicycle abilities will be a lot simpler and pleasurable.

Do not tense your body or squeeze the bar grips

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If you’re well balanced, remaining unwinded is simpler and the bike will move underneath you. Your limbs end up being included suspension as they soak up wavinesses on the path. You’re not a metal bar, you’re a remarkable and versatile human.


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If you rest on the saddle on a rough path, you will bounce around so, stand, keep your chest towards the bars, and a little flex your knees for more control.

Weight circulation

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Your weight ought to remain in your feet and your hands light. Drop your heels and support your head & & upper body with your legs, not your hands. Your weight needs to be at the bottom bracket, your arms complimentary and light for control and steering. Excessive weight on your hands is typically suggested with hurting or pins & & needles.

Keep Your Heels down

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With cranks level and the ball of your foot on the pedal axle or simply in front of it, drop your heels towards the ground.


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Your head position impacts balance so keep your chin up and concentrate on the path. The front wheel does not require you to view it and you will lose balance if you do.

Elbows up

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Bend your elbows and hold them up so you can utilize your arms to manage and lean the bike into turns and bends.

Engage your core

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Attempt not to round your lower back like you’re slumped over in front of a TELEVISION. It’s bad for power and effectiveness when it pertains to advanced abilities and you do not desire injuries. Believe doing a moony at the rider behind you. Stick your behind out and include your core muscles to keep your back directly.

Brakes Ready

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I choose a brake lever setup where each forefinger rests conveniently on completion of the brake levers. Constantly all set for forced stops or simply to temper the speed a little. Utilizing the one finger setup likewise implies I do not trap any fingers under the brakes if I need to pull unexpectedly and hard.


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Like anything else, practice goes a long method and there is definitely nothing incorrect with picking a good smooth path or peaceful street to get your position right. Once it’s right, it ends up being force of habit.

Sign up with the argument, ask concerns, make remarks … you will constantly get an action. In the meantime, Just Ride!

In the next Skills Clinic post we will have a look at brakes and braking method.

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