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I presented the start of this path in this previous post. This post continues the journey however understand that there is more to come due to the fact that there is excessive roadway riding and some expedition is needed to establish the path even more and consist of more off-road areas.


Mountain Bike Route Planning photo 0

Beginning and ending up at the Limoux Canoe/ Kayak club (lots of parking here), the very first 3 kilometers follows the D129 to an ideal turn, signposted D229, Vendemies. We are heading for the highest hill, a little left of center on the image listed below.

Follow the Vendemies indication and keep the obsolete train track to your right and remain right. After a brief range, the lane crosses the train and the river Aude can be seen on the right. Keep riding till you see the train crossing to your left however, keep right, down the side of the vineyard. You are trying to find a left refuse a brief drop (at 5.1 KM). When on that, remain on the primary path and keep going; here’s where the enjoyable begins.

Alet-Les-Bainsfrom Limoux which played a part in the building and construction of the Limoux– Quillan train (just recently secured of service). Proof of this is experienced by riding over numerous deeply ingrained rocks on big areas of the path. A number of these are big enough to toss you offline if you take your focus off the path to value the sensational views and the river Aude some 50-meters listed below in some locations along the singletrack.

This is an exceptional start to a path that is quickly going to climb up from 200 to 750 meters a couple of minutes out of the town of Alet-Les-Bains.

Alet is an ancient town, one and a half hours from the Mediterranean and an hour from ski resorts. To each side of the town, the mountains reach 750 meters above water level. A wall, with 4 gates, integrated in the twelfth century to safeguard the abbey and homes can still be seen today.

Expect the outside pool as you approach Alet and keep the swimming pool on your left as you drop downhill into a parking lot. Here you will discover a thermal swimming pool and exceptional neglected water to top up your supply prior to you head through the town and climb into the mountains. To reach the town, leave the thermal swimming pool, keep left and follow the roadway till you reach and pass under “La Porte Cadène. Make sure through the town; vehicles and pedestrians prevail.

Time To Climb

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On reaching the very first square, take 2nd left into a narrow street and keep directly till leaving the town walls and turn left onto Route de St Salvayre and climb up for 5-KM to the hamlet of St Salvayre.


Notification the Pic de Bugarach (1,230 M/ 4040 ft.). Back in 2012 when some individuals believed the world was going to end, some occupied they might bring in the hope of hitching a left on alien spaceships. The location ended up being so hectic that regional cops needed to put an exemption zone around the mountain. Somewhat to the right of Bugarach is the Pic de Canigou, among the greatest mountains in the Pyrenees at 2,785 M/ 9137 ft.

If you wish to ride near to Bugarach, regional VTT path 34 is a need to ride. You can download path information here. There are no main paths on the mountain and some areas would need bike bring if you chose to try this hectic treking path.

St Salvayre

Keep left as you travel through the hamlet.

Continue up until you reach 43.021958 N, 2.319561 E. Look for the harmed check in the picture listed below.

dropperif you have one or by hand drop your saddle prior to sending it. Keep your center of mass near the line as possible. Weight too far back and you have no place to go if you lose control.

Do not let the very first 100-meters misinform you. It’s not high and it is smooth up until you reach the very first right switchback when whatever modifications.

If you are utilized to bike park riding, get ready for a high knowing curve. Nature developed this incredible path and ‘difficult’ is a reasonable adjective and downplayed. The path here on out, never ever gets broader than 2 meters and there is no proof that other MTB riders have actually been here prior to. Just swine, deer and the periodic quad; boar and quads are fantastic at rutting tracks.

Water too has a significant impact on the path. After a long, hot summertime there was no proof till the bottom of the path (more on that later) however, stream circulation proof is constantly noticeable in the kind of a ‘V’ zig-zagging the path and reaching 30cm deep in locations. Crossing this was not optional more times than I can keep in mind.

A couple of notes on natural switchbacks …

  • Switchbacks are extremely tight corners and frequently need fast action. My design is that If I’m turning left, I think of the center of my tummy looking down the path and I press my ideal knee in towards the leading tube.
  • They can challenge physical and psychological abilities and unexpected rotating switchbacks can trigger confusion causing mistake.
  • Quick descent heading into a switchback takes nerve and a level-head.
  • Surface areas are loose, rutted and typically damp, specifically in locations that see little sunshine
  • Excessive speed typically leads to lacking time to take proper action such as an essential and abrupt modification of instructions. Your brakes are not ‘chicken’ levers, utilize them however go simple on the front brake and do not utilize them in corners. This is challenging and among those things that impacts mental factor so, objective to scrub speed prior to the corner.
  • ‘ Foot-Dabbing’ is an essential ability to understand and utilize as is getting the best body position into and out of the lower bends and switchbacks. On every turn, get the outdoors foot on the pedal at 6 o’clock and be prepared to ‘dab’ when needed with the other foot.
  • There are celebrations entering into a left switch when coming out you see an instant right. In this circumstance it will be essential to alter your weight and dab from one foot to the other. This is where your thinking is challenged, particularly if bushes and trees have actually kept you from seeing what follows.
  • Attempt not to get drawn into the one-track mind that trees and bushes typically develop.


Thankfully, when the hill starts to level out, it likewise corrects. Bear in mind 2 deep damp locations. The water here never ever dries and there is thick clay a potter would take pride in on the bottom. It’s braking residential or commercial properties are exceptional. Although it’s just 20-cm of water in the dry season, riding through is not a choice. Neither is navigating without getting damp feet.

When you get beyond the water, remain on the path and do not take any however natural lefts till you turn left on the D229, instructions Limoux.

Escape Route

In other words, there is a lot to understand and have the ability to action to delight in the excitement of this 3.8-KM path area. If you question your abilities and capabilities as you ride, it may not end well so, please ask yourself truthfully, “am I as much as this”? If you believe not, remain on the roadway on top and take pleasure in the buzz of the narrow lane down the D8002 to left onto D429, D229 and turn left once again back to Limoux. It will offer you lots of time to practice your downhill and cornering abilities.

Path Rating

Mtb Routes in France (VTT) are ranked for problem like ski paths. While I rate the very first area of this path from Limoux to Alet-Les-Bains as a “Green” (simple), it’s not without dangers so make sure to check out the path. The path modifications from “Green” to “Blue” due to the difficult 8.3 KM climb (550 meters) from Alet to St Salvayre. After an additional 3.2 KM, a sharp left turn leaves the roadway into a forest where the path ends up being a high and gnarly “Red” with stretches of “Black”. Technical abilities are needed. As soon as down in the valley on the D129, we revert back to “Green” for the last area back to Limoux through some much-needed relaxing countryside and, time for reflection.

Remarks and Questions

These are constantly extremely welcome, please do not think twice to include your own and path variations if you have them. If you intend on going to from out of location and require a location to remain, leave a remark and I will happily share a couple of tips.

Simply Ride Hard, Ride Fair, Nobody Hurt

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