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Black Friday 2019

Black Friday



The Best Black Friday Mountain Bike Gear deals are just around the corner. For me and many other riders I know, this is the perfect time to put our money to work and even stock up on the gear we know we will need in the coming months.

Personally my goal with Mountain Biking is to ride whenever and wherever I can but I can’t do that if something breaks and I don’t have a spare. Sometimes tires get trashed or, I might need to change them depending on the trail I’m going to ride. On one ride, my rear derailleur broke into two pieces thanks to a high impact with a heavy object (not sure what). Thanks to the spare at home, I was able to replace the damaged one and ride again the next day without worrying about waiting for an order to arrive or buying from an expensive local store a half hour drive away.

It’s true that most online bike stores have something on sale most of the year but Black Friday Sales offer even better reductions. Historically this sale starts the day after thanksgiving in The US; this year that’s Friday 29th November.

Starting early

Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC) get ahead of the game with very special offers on Halloween and followed with their “Epic Black Friday Blockbuster” when they get out the red carpet and offer outstanding Black Friday deals for all cyclists who can expect “unbeatable” Black Friday sales on bikes, cycling clothing, components and accessories, from the world’s leading brands.

See it first

Subscribing to CRC’s mailing list offers early access to all the deals as they are released. “We’ve worked harder than ever to bring you the best deals and they will sell out!” Signing up will also give you an extra discount on any purchases you make.

What’s on offer today?

Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon Pro Bike GX Eagle 2019

This Nukeproof Mega 275 Carbon Pro Bike GX Eagle 2019 is on offer and saving up to 31% on the regular price.

WAS £4199.99 NOW £2879.99

€3199.99 / US$ 3199.99*

*Prices can change slightly due to currency fluctuations.




Cube Reaction Pro 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike 2019Cube Reaction Pro 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike 2019

Saving up to 27%






Just a couple of bikes?

Far from it. At the time of writing there was 3,324 items offered in the clearance section on CRC’s website and you can check out prices and offers in your currency by changing the flag on the right of the menu at the top of the page.


Many of these are quantity limited so expect frequent changes to the list as items sell out or new ones are added.

Click on the banner and see what you can find today.

One of many

CRC is of course only one of many businesses that will be offering some great Black Friday Mountain Bike Gear Deals and I will be reviewing more of these very soon. What I do like about CRC is that they have great customer service and a 365 day returns policy in addition to the usual product guarantees you should expect.

Comments & Questions

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Affiliate Link

If you decide to purchase something after clicking through to CRC via the banner, I may receive a commission. Please understand that you will only pay the price advertised at the site, there will be no additions. If you would like to know more about this, please click on the “Affiliate Links” menu at the top of the page.

Just Ride Hard, Ride Fair, Nobody Hurt


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10 thoughts on “Black Friday 2019

  1. Going for the spares will be the best for me because i just got the bike not quite long. Will not be advisable that i get a new one now even though i feel bad that i cant take advantage of this one here looking at the possibility of making some savings from these bikes. Thank you for sharing this cool opportunity.

    1. Hi Henderson. Thank you for commenting and I hope you’re enjoying your new bike. Even with a new one, it’s worth developing a set of spares as you can afford them. Things do break and it’s always great to know how to replace them too. Time off the trails is never a good thing 🙂 Happy riding! Steve C

  2. Wow! this black friday period is the most appropriate time to spend the savings to get gears and all. This is just simply awesome to see right now and I’m seeing some deals that are simply immense and great. Thanks so much for sharing this out. I totally agree with you that starting early is the key to getting the best deals and I will surely be on a lookout. Thanks

    1. Thanks for your comments Rodarrick. Mustn’t let my wife see that I suggested starting early because all other types of shopping I tend to avoid. A little different with MTB 🙂 Best regards, Steve C

  3. I will check the CRC website right now to go for the best prices. It is usually fun to see one getting the best price out of it all and surely well worth it here. I like the fact that the prices will be well slash for the products. It is high time I changed some of my gears and most importantly, my bike. WOW! I’m surely going to get a lot more and thanks for the reminder. If I had missed this, I would be literally nuts at myself. 

    1. Hey Ramos, thank you for your comments. Personally I’m not much into shopping unless it’s mountain bike related and indeed CRC do have some great offers worth considering. I’m pleased you saw the post before Black Friday and I hope you find what you need. Always drop a message if you need any help. Best regards, Steve C

  4. I have never taken advantage of a  black Friday offer before but I will really like to try this one out because you have been talking about it for a while now which is a very good thing. I like the way you have structured this, and i think i should get one of the bikes to help me save. Thank you!

    1. Hi John, Thank you for your comments. Saving is always a great thing and if I can save 50% of my available cash on a sale item, I can add something else to the shopping cart . . . so long as my wife doesn’t see 🙂 Best regards, Steve C

  5. Thanks for introducing me to black friday. For really I did not know about it but by your article I have got to know what it does and how and I have loved the items sales by black friday  most especially bikes and clothings and thanks for providing some of their prices. Thanks in advance 

    1. You are welcome Mugalu and I hope you find what you need. Always ask if you need help. Best regards, Steve C

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