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Dropper Seatposts are not new to the Mountain Bike industry, but recent developments have taken them to greater levels of efficiency and like everything else MTB, they continue to develop and finding the best dropper seatpost can be challenging. Gone are the days of manual saddle height adjustment. Unless you don’t mind on trail manual adjustment of course.

The idea is simple

When you need pedal power, the saddle stays at the optimum height to enable best power transfer but on descents, the saddle can be dropped to get post and saddle out of the way and enabling you to focus on the descent with greater confidence.

Greater Confidence, Safer Descents, More Speed (if you want it)

There are a few drawbacks

More parts equal more weight and, that might be a serious consideration for some riders. Additional mechanical parts can also mean more can go wrong or at the very least more to maintain. Some droppers are expensive too.

I ran a poll in a Mountain Bike community recently and over 300 riders kindly shared their opinions and experience. Nobody said don’t use them, a few picked faults in certain brands and three clear favorites stood out.

A few brief comments

I have a Brand X from when they first came out and it’s still in great shape…

Brand X. Because you can buy two for the price of a reverb which is guaranteed to need a bleed after 2 years. Cables easily replaced

Brand X is cheap and effective.

I have Brand X and Fox. Can’t fault ether (Brand X is possibly the best price wise and warranty replacement is not a problem as I have 1 warranty claim) but the Fox Transfer is the best quality if you have spare £££ I’d have the Fox .

I have 2 Fox and 1 Reverb. Fox is just more solid

Fox transfer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve beat it and put it through horrid conditions. It’s never failed me.

Brand-X Ascend 120mm & 150mm Dropper Seatpost

This seatpost is operated remotely and with ease via a remote lever designed to sit on the bars, enabling riders to alter the saddle height for the terrain ahead. You can keep your hands on the bars while dialing in the saddle height you need for what’s coming.

It’s made from alloy / aluminium and is adjustable, but you will need to make sure it’s compatible with your bike.

It retails cheaper than a Rockshox Reverb and if you buy a lever kit for around £25 you will be able to mount the lever side on the bar left or right. It comes with instructions and doesn’t take long to install, even with cable adjustments. It’s lighter than the Reverb and in total costs £150 at today’s offer price at Chain Reaction Cycles. You might find it cheaper elsewhere, but CRC offer great warranty and a 365 day returns policy.

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Just Ride Hard, Ride Fair, Nobody Hurt

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